Multipurpose Geothermal Water Well Drilling Rig

The KW400 multipurpose geothermal water well drilling rig is mainly suitable for drilling of boreholes and geothermal wells, especially for water intake engineering in mountainous area and from rock bottom. The drilling rig can carry out drilling at different stratum. And the max well depth can be up to 250m.

Technical parameter

Model KW400
Maximum drilling depth 250 m
Dia. hole φ110-273 mm
Working pressure 1.05-2.46 Mpa
Air consumption 16-54 m3/min
Length of rod 3000 m
Dia. Of rod φ102/φ89/φ76 mm
Propeller Shaft Stress 0~4.4 t
Lifting power 9.5 t
Pulling Force of Landing Leg Cylinder 60t(4 Pieces)
Stroke of Landing Leg Oil Cylinder 1.4 m
Sliding Plate Stroke 4440 mm
Slow Lifting Speed 4.2 m/min
Slow Pushing Speed 0~8.9 m/min
Fast Lifting Speed 37.8 m/min
Fast Pushing Speed 80.4 m/min
Rotation torque 5700 Nm
Rotation Speed 57~94 r/min
Lifting capacity of winch 1 t
Diesel Engine model YC6B125-K10
Engine Power 92Kw/2200rpm
Travelling speed 0~2 Km/h
Climb capacity 20°
Weight 9.8 t
Dimension 7.3×2.25×2.75 m
Application Unconsolidated formation and bedrock
Drilling Way Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion, down hole hammer or mud drilling
DTH Hammer Down hole hammer with high and medium wind pressure

1. Dual rotary motor
The KW400 multipurpose geothermal water well drilling rig is driven by hydraulic motor from international famous brand. The straight gear reducer sleeve provides powerful rotary torque for the drilling rig and reduces the blocking rate of the rig. Thus it can ensure that there is enough torque during well drilling with certain depth.

2. Centralized operating system
The internal hydraulic control system can ensure the reliability and long term working performance of the drilling rig. The rig also adopts thrust lever handle of which the adjustment can be convenient. The adjustment can be conducted according to different working conditions.

3. Dual thrust oil cylinder
The drilling rig has two high pressure thrust oil cylinder with large diameter and large stroke so that it can ensure that the drilling rig has strong and powerful lifting capability and propulsion. Meanwhile, it can be matched with the two stage telescopic carriage to ensure that there is enough space for steering engine. So the drill pipe and sleeve assembly and dis-assembly can be easy.

4. Two stage filtering device of the diesel engine
The two stage filtering device of the diesel engine can be matched with the air inlet device connecting with compressed air. Thus it can ensure clean air source of the diesel engine. And the drilling rig failure can be reduced and the service life of the diesel engine can be prolonged.

5. Safe and reliable travelling mechanism
The propel machinery adopts high intensity base plate and is driven by wheel hub motor. It has strong climbing performance and low failure rate.

6. Triple pump
The drilling rig adopts high pressure triple pump from famous brand. The pump is directly connected with the diesel engine so the structure

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