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KB Series

Industrial Piston Air Compressor

As a reputable KB series industrial piston air compressor supplier, we can provide both portable piston compressor and stationary piston compressor. You can make the choice according to your requirements.

Feature (portable type)
1. The powerful compressor part is larger than many similar products on the market both in terms of size and weight. So the safety level is also higher. This industrial piston air compressor is suitable for high-load, long time and continuous operation.
2. The specially designed heat sink and pneumatic system feature low temperature air output, carbon deposition rate, and high efficiency.
3. A ringlike valve group type design is adopted for our industrial piston air compressor. The valve block is made of special stainless steel from Sweden, while the valve group's spring is made of special valve spring steel wire from Japan. During the operation, the valve block won't bend, giving the air valve high performance and long service life.
4. The piston ring is purchased from Japan RIKEN. It is durable and won't be adhered by oil.
5. The crank axle has been treated by high frequency quenching technique, so it is highly anti-wear.
6. All the related moving parts of the industrial piston air compressor have been precisely balanced, so the rotation is quite stable and produces really low noise.
7. The air filter comes with an imported filter paper, which has excellent filtering and noise reducing performance, as well as long service life.
8. In the cap at the front side, an oil separating device is designed. So the breather valve doesn't expel oil, achieving low oil consumption and clean machine body.
9. The horn mouth of the copper air output pipe comes in a well designed angle, and is protected by a casing to avoid cracking and leakage.
10. In our industrial piston air compressor, many components, like pressure switch, contactor, and thermal relay, are from famous brand (such as Schneider), ensuring the reliability of the controlling and protection mechanism.
11. The air flow control system is available in four types, including automatic pneumatic control type, automatic electronic control type, pneumatic/electronic control type (manual switch), and smart control type (automatic switch), meeting your various needs.
12. An intelligient controller is optional for the industrial piston air compressor to deal with complicated air consumption situations.
13. Aiming at the high pressure ratio of medium pressure compressor, we have designed a powerful intercooler to maintain the low air flow temperature.


No. Model Power (HP/kW) Cylinder (diameter× number) Air con- sumption (m³/min) Max. working pressure (MPa/Bar) Air receiver (m³) Overall dimension (L×W×H, mm) Weight (Kg)
1 KBH-45 40/30 LPΦ155×2
2.0 4.0(40) Not available 1650×1250 ×1150 860
2 KB-45 40/30 LPΦ155×2
2.2 3.0(30) Not available 1650×1250 ×1150 860
3 KBH-35 30/22 LPΦ155×2
1.6 4.0(40) Not available 1650×1250 ×1150 800
4 KB-35 30/22 LPΦ155×2
1.7 3.0(30) Not available 1650×1250 ×1150 800
5 KBH-15 20/15 LPΦ120×2
1.2 4.0(40) 0.35 1800×730 ×1330 650
6 KB-15 20/15 LPΦ120×2
1.2 3.0(30) 0.35 1800×730 ×1330 600
7 KBL-15 20/15 LPΦ120×2
1.3 2.5(25) 0.35 1800×730 ×1330 600
8 KB-10 15/11 LPΦ100×2
0.7 3.0(30) 0.28 1690×665 ×1200 550
9 KBL-10 15/11 LPΦ100×2
0.75 2.5(25) 0.28 1690×665 ×1200 550

Feature (stationary type)
1. The low rotating speed brings less working noise and longer service life.
2. Comparing with the portable type industrial piston air compressor, the stationary type has better air supplying performance.
3. The sealing performance is excellent, and the maintenance is quite convenient.
4. The powerful electromotor for the cooling fan and the heavy load cast iron engine body have great working efficiency and stability.


No. Model Motor power (HP/kW) Cylinder (diameter× number) Air con- sumption (m³/min) Ma×. working pressure (MPa/Bar) Air tank (m³) Overall dimension (L×W×H, mm) Weight (Kg)
1 4×KB-15 20/15 LPΦ120×8
4.8 3.0(30) Optional 2240×1770 ×1510 2100
2 3×KB15 20/15 LPΦ120×6
3.6 3.0(30) Optional 2600×1150 ×1500 1700
3 2×KB-15 20/15 LPΦ120×4
2.4 3.0(30) Optional 1780×1100 ×1452 1000
4 4×KBH-15 20/15 LPΦ120×8
4.8 4.0(40) Optional 2240×1770 ×1535 2400
5 3×KBH15 20/15 LPΦ120×6
3.6 4.0(40) Optional 2600×1150 ×1500 1700
6 2×KBH15 20/15 LPΦ120×4
2.4 4.0(40) Optional 1780×1100 ×1452 1200
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