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Fully Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig

The KSZ100 fully pneumatic DTH drilling rig comes with an air compressor for driving the movements like propulsion, rotating, and impacting. It has great adaptability, and comes in three types with different supporting structures, namely single top type, double top type, and pedestal type. You can choose the proper one according to the working environment. This kind of drilling equipment has simple structure, single motor and is easy to move. The unique two-tone silencer of the fully pneumatic DTH drilling gives rise to a great noise control performance. The centralized operating mechanism makes the pneumatic drill easy to operate.


Model KSZ100
Drill diameter 80-100 mm
Drill depth ≥20m
Rotating speed 0~93rpm
Working pressure 0.5~0.7MPa
Drill rod 60×1000mm
Air consumption ≥10m³/min
Lifting force 9600N
Note Fully pneumatic type

Recommend parts for the KSZ100 fully pneumatic DTH drilling rig
Drill hammer: Φ90
Drill bit: Φ90
Drill pipe: Φ60×1000mm

Recommend piston air compressor for the KQY90 pneumatic-hydraulic DTH drilling rig
KAISHAN brand CVFY-13/7 and CVF13/7 Diesel piston air compressor

Specifications of the piston air compressor

Model CVFY-13/7 CVF-13/7
Rated volume flow 13m³/min (460cfm) 13m³/min (460cfm)
Rated working pressure 7bar (102psi) 7bar (102psi)
Engine brand Yuchai or Cummins Yuchai or Cummins
Engine model YC6108ZG/6BTA5.9-C118 YC6108ZG/6BTA5.9-C118
Rated power 108kW (145HP)/87kW (118HP) 108kW (145HP)/87kW (118HP)
Cylinder (Diameter×Quantity) 260mm×2/160mm×2 260mm×2/160mm×2
Volume of gas tank 350L 600L
Weight 3100Kg 2400Kg
Dimension (L×W×H mm) 3500×1700×2100 3280×1200×1520
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