Industrial Piston Air Compressor

As a reciprocating compressor supplier, we provide various KAISHAN brand products like hydraulic drilling rig, borehole drilling rig, water well drilling rig, screw air compressor, and piston air compressor. In addition, we can also supply various types of industrial piston air compressor. All of these piston type compressors have got the CE certificate and energy saving certificate.

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    1. KB Series Industrial Piston Air CompressorAs a reputable KB series industrial piston air compressor supplier, we can provide both portable piston compressor and stationary piston compressor. You can make the choice according to your requirements.
    1. KJ Series Industrial Piston Air CompressorAs an excellent industrial compressor, it can operate for 8 hours continuously. Comparing with other brand reciprocating compressor, our KJ series industrial piston air compressor features easy structure, convenient fixing and maintenance, high productivity, and great cost-effectiveness.
    1. KS Series Industrial Piston Air CompressorThe rotating speed is quite low, leading to much less noise and longer service life.
      The piston ring of our industrial piston air compressor is from Japan RIKEN. The durability is great and won’t be adhered by any oil.