Small Down The Hole Drilling Rig

Our small down the hole drilling rig, or DTH driller, is a kind of efficient, energy-saving, and cost-effective rock drilling equipment. It is designed all by ourselves according to its practical working environment.

This small down the hole drilling rig can be widely used for the rocking drilling in medium and small open-pit mines, construction projects of road, water conservancy project, rock excavations, and so on. It is typically suitable for bumpy working areas, in which regular drilling machine can not work normally

We provide several optional types of down the hole drilling rigs, including pneumatic type, electric type, and diesel engine type. The proper rock hardness is in the range of F = 6-20. The hole diameter ranges from 60mm to 100mm, and the economical blasthole depth is 12-25m.

    1. KQD70/KQD100 Electric DTH Drilling RigOur KQD70/KQD100 electric DTH drilling rig is driven by an energy-saving and eco-friendly electromotor. A cycloidal pin wheel speed reducer is used in this DTH driller. This kind of reducer can provide the electric drilling machine with big rotating torque and high rock drilling efficiency.
    1. KQY90 Pneumatic-Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig We have used a high rotating torque hydraulic motor, so the drill rod is not easy to be stuck. The innovative hydraulic system design we used makes the pneumatic-hydraulic drill rig light and energy efficient, while the unique rig locking mechanism make the drilling angle accurate and consistent.
    1. KSZ100 Fully Pneumatic DTH Drilling RigThe KSZ100 fully pneumatic DTH drilling rig comes with an air compressor for driving the movements like propulsion, rotating, and impacting. It has great adaptability, and comes in three types with different supporting structures, namely single top type, double top type, and pedestal type.