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KJ 212

Hydraulic Top Hammer Drilling Jumbo

KJ212-type full-hydraulic tunnel jumbo can be used for drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal blast hole, which is specially designed for low roadway. Through section of 2.5m*1.5m, it is applicable for tunneling operation of roadway with section of 3.5m*1.8m-5m*4.8m.

Solid and reliable universal arm is equipped with the best section covering shape, and the propulsion beam can turn over by 360°and level off automatically, so as to be convenient for quickly achieving drilling and positioning.

Meanwhile, the big arm can be also used for laterally opening cross drift and anchor-hold drilling operation.

The arrangement of drill carriage shall ensure the view of the manipulator in good condition;

The arrangement is in balance condition. The strong four-wheel-drive articulated base plate can ensure that the drill carriage is able to travel flexibly, quickly and safely in the narrow roadway;

High-frequency impact jack drill optimizes the transmission efficiency of impact wave, enhances the drilling rate, reduces consumption of drilling tools and enhances the serviceability rate of equipment by adopting stair piston;

Spacious operation space and a series of automatic functions are conducive for the driver concentrating to safely, quickly and accurately drill.

Each maintenance part has been protected well and shall also be easy to maintain at the same time.

Boundary dimension (including optical auxiliary power station)

Section hint

Main technical parameters

Boundary dimension and weight Drilling system
Length 11160mm Rock drill 1×HC50/R38 1×HC109/R38
Width 2000 mm Impact power 13kW 18.8kW
Height 1465/1985 mm Surge pressure 130bar 135L/min
Weight 11000 kg The maximum rotary pressure 150bar 135bar
Running speed (Horizontal) 10km/h Frequency 62Hz 150bar
Maximum grade ability 200 Torque 325Nm 47 Hz
Safety protection Hole diameter Φ45-76 mm 780Nm
Noise level <100dB(A) Turnover of propulsion beam 360° 45-102mm
Adjustable security ceiling Meet anti-rolling and anti- rock fall requirement Compensative travel of propulsion beam 1600 mm
Wind and water circuit system type K 20
Air compressor 1×JN5 form Automatic level off
Displacement 0.5m3/min Flexible drill boom No
Pressure 8bar Electric hydraulic power pack
Shank lubrication device Pressure oil lubrication tank/ electromagnetic lubrication pump Electric motor 45KW 55KW
Gas consumption for lubrication 0.3 m3/min Impact/ propulsion/drill boom Axial variable displacement piston pump
Oil consumption for lubrication 180-250g/h Rotation Gear pump
Water pump 1×CR3 Filter fineness 10μ
Power 1.5kW Hydraulic oil tank 240L
Pump output 3m3/h Hydraulic cooler Water cooler
Base plate Operating voltage 380V
Diesel engine 60kW@2800rpm Frequency 50Hz
4BT3.9-C80 Startup method Star delta
Tail gas clean-up Power gas catalyst Cable Reel 1×K440
Transmission system Four-wheel-drive closed- type travelling system Cable capacity of reel 100m 80m
Hunting angle ±6°Swing of rear axle External diameter of cable Φ28 mm Φ32 mm
Tire 300-15 Specification of the cable 3×35+3G6+2×1.5 3×50+3G6+2×1.5
Steering mechanism ±35°Articulated steering

Parking braking Multiple disc brake

Emergency braking

Fuel tank 60L

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