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Hydraulic Top Hammer Drilling Rig for Open-air Drilling

Product Features
1. The Kaishan KL511 hydraulic top hammer drilling rig is equipped with a standard 51 mm diameter drill rod and can drill 89-127mm vertical, inclined and horizontal holes. It is widely used in cutting excavations, pipe laying, foundation engineering and open-air mining projects.
2. The open-air full hydraulic drilling rig comes with a heavy-duty hydraulic top hammer drill (23.4 KW). With its powerful rotary torque impact power and advanced control system, the rig is capable of high-performance in complex or difficult terrain.
3. The drilling machine’s frame has a 0-180°rotating ability so the drill can be positioned within an area of 26.5 square meters for effectively drilling holes in a wide area and dealing with complicated working conditions.
4. The drilling rig uses a high efficiency Kaishan screw air compressor that is energy-saving.
5. The drilling rig's power unit is mounted at the end of the upper rotary frame, as opposed to the drill arm and push beam. No matter where the drill arm and push beam are, they will be mutually balanced.
6. The drilling rig's motion, crawler levelling and frame rotary can be controlled via an optional wireless remote control outside the cab.

Specifications of the KL511 Full Hydraulic Open-Air Drilling Rig

Dimensions and Weight Transportation dimensions (L*W*H) 11100*2520*3320mm
Weight 15000kg
Articulated drill boom and chassis Ground Clearance 420mm
Rotary Angle of Frame 120°+60°
Drilling Area 26.5m2
Track Leveling Angle 10° up, 10° down
Driving Speed 0-3.5km/h
Grade Ability 30°
Traction Force 120kN
Power Unit Diesel Engine Caterpillar C7
Cylinder Quantity 6
Output Power 168kW/2200rpm
Transmission Model Gear box
Hydraulic Pump 2×variable piston pump +2×gear pump
Screw Air Compressor Zhejiang Kaishan
Air Displacement 10mm3/min
Working Pressure 10 bar
Oil Tank 350L
Dust Collector System Dust Collector Ability and Vacuum Degree 23m3/min, 1000mm H2O
Filter Element/Material 13pcs/Fiber
Filter Area 10m2
Hydraulic Motor Power 12kW
Hydraulic Rock Drill Model HC170RP
Impact Power 23.4kW
Max. Impact Pressure 180 bar
Impact Frequency 41Hz
Max. Torque 1590Nm
Max. Rotary Pressure 200 bar
Max. Rotary Speed 130rpm
Shank Lubrication Air/oil fog/electronic lubrication pump
Lubricating Oil Consumption 115 drip/min
Drilling Diameter 89-127mm
Hydraulic System Driving, Drilling Load sensing
Filter Precision 10μm
Cooling Ability +50° environmental temperature
Hydraulic Oil Tank 200L
Drill Boom, Propulsion Beam and Drill Rod Replacement Mechanism Drill Boom Rising 83°
Folded Boom Rising 87°
Carriage Swing Angle -56°/52°, -20°/94°
Carriage Inclination Angle 125°
Compensation Length 1353mm
Rock Drill Stroke 4020mm
Max. Propulsion Force 19kN
Propulsion Way The motor-roller chain
Economic Drilling Depth 22m
Drill Rod Connecting Method Automatic connecting and discharging
Drill Rod Quantity 5+1
Drill Rod Model C51-52R-C51-3660
Push length for one time 4020mm
Drill Rod Thread Lubrication Standard
Control System Driving Control Hydraulic pilot + wireless remote
Drill Boom Control Hydraulic control
Drilling Control Pilot control (electric/hydraulic)
Hole Control Stepless
Impact Control Impact pressure control
Anti-Blocking Mechanism Hydraulic
Voltage Direct-current 24V
Cab Safety Fits the standards for preventing rock falls
Indoor Noise dB < 85dB
Control Function Drilling, driving, drill boom action and drill rod replacement
Chair Adjustable
Air Conditioner Standard cooling and heating
Entertainment Radio+MP3

Detailed Pictures

  • Safety Cab
  • Crawler
  • Hydraulic Rock Drill
  • Drill Boom

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