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KJ 311

Hydraulic Top Hammer Drilling Jumbo

1. The KJ311 is a hydraulic top hammer drilling rig designed for a 12-35 m2 cross-section for use in underground mining projects.
2. Robust universal drilling boom creates ideal face drilling coverage. Automatic parallelism and 360° roll-over enable easy, fast and accurate positioning for face drilling, sideways drilling and bolt hole drilling.
3. The configuration of components allows for the operator to have a clear view when drilling and traveling. A powerful and well-balanced 4-wheel drive chassis lets the tunneling drilling rig move through limited space and tough terrain in the mines. A dual-circuit service brake and enclosed multi-disc parking/emergency brake ensure safety in tramming and on sloped terrain.
4. Field-proven high frequency hydraulic drifter delivers high performance. A trapezoidal percussion piston optimizes shock wave transfer efficiency, so the drill can penetrate deeper while decreasing cost of replacement parts.
5. The operator cab is safe and comfortable. Many automatic features simplify drilling control so miners can focus on fast and accurate drilling.
6. All service points of the hydraulic drifting jumbo are easily accessible, simplifying routine maintenance.

KJ311 Main Features and Specifications

Dimensions and Weight
Length 11300mm
Width 1750mm
Height 2000/3000mm
Weight about 12000kg
Walking Speed, Horizontal 10 km/h
Grade Ability 0.25
Noise Level <100 dB(A)
Adjustable Safety Canopy POPS +ROPS
Drilling System
Drifter 1×HC50/R38 1×HC109/R38
Weight 112KG 151KG
Percussion Power 13kW 18.8kW
Percussion Flow 105L/min 135L/min
Percussion Power 130bar 135bar
Rotation Pressure 150bar 150bar
Frequency 62 Hz 47 Hz
Rotation Torque 325Nm 780Nm
Hole Dia. 32-89mm 45-102mm
Rod Size R38-H35-R32
Feed Roll-Over 360°
Pushing Length 3450mm
Feed Stroke 1600mm
Elevation Angle 90°
Blow Angle 90°
Swing Angle Left 45° Right 45°
Model K26F
YPE Automatic parallelism
Boom Extension 1200mm
Elevation Angle 45°
Blow Angle 16°
Swing Angle Left 45°, Right 45°
Electric Hydraulic Power Station
Motor Power 45kW/55kW AC three phase
Percussion + feed + boom Variable piston pump
Rotation Gear pump
Filtration 10μ
Hydraulic Tank 240L
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Water cooler
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Start Δ-Y
Cable Reel 1×K440
Cable Length 100m /80m
Cable Size Φ28mm/Φ32mm
Cable Type 3×35+3G6+2×1.5
Water and Air System
Compressor 1×JN5
Output 0.5m3 /min
Pressure 5-7 bar
Shank lubrication Oil mist
Shank Lubrication Air Consumption 0.3m3 /min
Shank Lubrication Oil Consumption 180-250g/h
Flushing Pump 1×CR3
Power 1.5kW
Output 3m3/h
Under Carriage
Diesel Engine DEUTZ BF4L2011 53kW, 2800rpm
Tail Gas Clean-up Exhaust catalysts
Drive System 4-wheel drive
Oscillation Rear axle ±10°
Tire 11.00-20
Steering ±40° articulation
Service brake Duo-circuit disc brakes
Parking/Emergency Multi-disc on trans
Fuel Tank 60L

Detailed Pictures

  • Drill Arm
  • Electric Control
  • Operation
  • Cab
  • Hydraulic Rock Drill
  • Screw Air-End
  • Screw Air Compressor
  • Motor
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