KT Series

Integrated Drilling Rig

Our KT series integrated drilling rig an advanced drilling machine that combines borehole drilling rig and screw air compressor. The dust removing device is also available. This type of drilling equipment features eco-friendliness, high automation degree, great rock drilling performance, convenient operation, good flexibility, and high driving safety level. A high air pressure screw rod with our intellectual property is mounted on the machine.

This integrated drilling rig has internationally leading technique, which gives rise to large air flow and high air pressure, providing the high air pressure pneumatic drill hammer with high power. The rocking drilling speed is 20%-50% faster than medium pressure drilling machine.

Our KT series integrated drilling rig is suitable for the deep and medium deep holes' extension rod drilling operations in various fields like open-pit mining, quarry, construction projects of high way, rail way, water conservancy facilities, electric power facilities, building, and so on.

The drilling performance of this type of borehole drilling equipment is excellent. The suitable rock harness is (F = 6-20), while the hole diameter can be 90-190mml. The depth of the hole varies from 12m to 25m.

    1. KT5 Medium Pressure Integrated Drilling RigKaishan’s KT5 medium pressure integrated drilling rig combines a DTH drilling system and screw air compressor system.
      A single stage middle pressure screw air compressor with a capacity of 10m3/min and pressure of 1.5MPa for pneumatic impact, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
    1. KT7 High Pressure Integrated Drilling RigThe special structure of our high pressure integrated drilling rig leads to large flow volume (13m³/min) and high air pressure (1.7MPa), providing high air pressure for the drill hammer. Thus the rocking drilling speed is 20%-50% faster than that of medium air pressure drilling machine.
    1. KT8 High Pressure Integrated Drilling RigA rocker-link drill boom system increases the lifting boom angle of the open-air rig to meet various working conditions, especially for deep holes. The carriage laterally arranged gives the operator good vision.
    1. KT11S High Pressure Integrated Drilling RigOur KT11S high pressure integrated drilling rig is suitable for the rock excavation and rod connection in deep hole in the construction and operation of various projects like out-pit mine, quarry, road and railway construction, water conservancy project, power station building, and so on.
    1. KT15 High Pressure Integrated Drilling Rig

      With a highly integrated control system and user-friendly interface, the whole drilling machine can easily be controlled by one person.
      The automatic leveling function of the walking mechanism allows the crawler to move over bumpy or rough terrain.

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    1. KT20 High Pressure Integrated Drilling RigThe high air pressure screw rod and high pressure pneumatic drill hammer are both available, so the drilling efficiency is quite desirable. To reduce the pollution to the environment, a dry type dust collector is mounted.