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High Pressure Integrated Drilling Rig

Product Features
The Kaishan KT15 high pressure integrated drilling rig is specially designed as a high efficiency mining machine for large scale open-pit mines based on our years of experience designing crawler drilling equipment. The rig’s walking, propulsion, rotation, and angle adjustment are all driven by a powerful hydraulic system. The high air pressure screw rod and high pressure pneumatic drill hammer provide efficient drilling. To reduce environmental pollution, the rig includes a mounted dry dust collector. The drill rod is also easy to remove thanks to the hydraulic mechanical arm and drill rod storage room. An automatic anti-blocking mechanism prevents the drill rod from getting jammed. The driving cab is air-conditioned for the driver's comfort.

1. The push length is 5 meters, saving time loading and unloading for higher efficiency.
2. A disc automatic rod connecting and discharging system is available in our high pressure integrated drilling rig. The drilling depth can reach 35 m.
3. A lifting mechanism is used for adjusting the carriage swing angle. The total swing angle is 130° (97° to the right and 33° to the left). There is no need to change the pivot for switching between horizontal and vertical holes. The lowest horizontal hole can be at 550 mm while the highest position can be at 4500 mm.
4. A Cummins electronic fuel injection engine is used for excellent power and performance.
5. The single engine outputs its power at both ends. The structure is compact with convenient maintenance.
6. The high air pressure and large displacement (22 m³/min, 20 bar) compressing system ensures a fast drilling speed.
7. With a highly integrated control system and user-friendly interface, the whole drilling machine can easily be controlled by one person.
8. The automatic leveling function of the walking mechanism allows the crawler to move over bumpy or rough terrain.
9. A special rod positioning mechanism guides the drilling tools during the entire drilling and boring processes, preventing any deviation.


Model No. Drilling rig KT15
Rock Hardness f=6-20
Hole Diameter 135-190 mm
Economic Drill Depth 35 m (automatic connecting rods)
Walking Speed 3.0 km/h
Grade Ability 25°
Ground Clearance 430 mm
Diesel Motor Cummins QSZ13-C400
Machine Power 298KW,2200r/min
Screw Compressor Air Delivery 22m3/min
Exhaust Pressure 25 bar
System Working Pressure 20 bar
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 11500 × 2716 × 3540 (mm)
Weight 23000 kg
Rotating Speed 0-118 r/min
Rotation Torque 4100 N·m
Lifting Power 65000 N
Push Type Motor-Chain
Push Length (mm) 5000 mm
Carriage Pitch Angle 125°
Carriage Swing Angle Right 97° left 33°
Drill Arm Swing Angle Right 42° left 15°
The Leveling Angle Frame Up 10° down 10°
Compensation Length (mm) 1800 mm
Drill Hammer HD55A
Drill Pipe φ 89 × 5000/ φ 102 × 5000
Connect Stem Implement Ability 6+1
Dust Catching Mode Dry (hydraulically-driven whirlwind layer streaming)
Connect Drilling Rod Automatically connects and discharges
Artery Card Method Electro-hydraulic vacancy prevention card
Pipe Lubrication Method Automatic spray oil lubrication
Drill Pipe Thread Protection Floating street protection pipe threads
Drill Hole Angle Indicator Two-dimensional electron angle indicator
Drill Hole Depth Indicator Drill angle and electron hole depth indicator

Detailed Pictures

  • Dust Collector
  • Automatically
    connects and
  • Carriage
  • Drill Arm
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