As a first level agent of KAISHAN Group, one of the biggest drilling equipment and air compressor manufacturers, we not only provide borehole drilling rig, rock drilling rig, water well drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, screw air compressor, and the industrial piston air compressor, but also supply related small construction tools, drilling rig parts, and compressor parts, including air receiver, refrigerated air dryer, screw expansion power generation device, pneumatic rock drill, drill bit, drill rod, and so on.

Our products have been widely used in many industries like open-pit mining (such as quarry), and the construction projects for railway, road, hydroelectric power station, and so on. The product performance has been highly recognized by our customers. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us for the quotation.

    1. Air ReceiverThe air receiver is mainly used for storing air and stabilize the pressure of the system. It is an important air compressor component. Our air receiver has passed the quality tests of related Chinese national department and got the pressure vessel certificate.
    1. Refrigerated Air DryerThese elements have the throttling and pressure reducing functions of a thermal expansion valves, the energy regulating function of a hot gas by-pass valve, the refrigerant oil protection function of an oil separator, and the refrigerant high/low pressure protection function.
    1. Screw Expansion Power Generation DeviceAs an efficient waste heat recovery solution, our screw expansion power generation device comes in two types, including ORC type and steam type. Different power generators can be driven by different kinds of heat sources. More featrures and detailed parameters are detailed below.
    1. Pneumatic Rock Drill

      Our pneumatic rock drill is forged by quality material with advanced techniques. So the product features high toughness, high anti-wear performance and great shock resistance. The CNC machine tools are adopted for the manufacturing of the pneumatic rock drill.

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    1. Air PickThis crushing tool is easy to use and carry, so it has been widely used in different kinds of construction projects. Specifically, it can be used for coal mining, hole drilling, ditching, soft rock exploiting, crushing concrete, frozen earth, ice in construction and installation projects.
    1. Natural Gas CompressorAs an energy-saving gas compressing machine on different working conditions. Comparing with roots blower, our natural gas compressor can save 35% energy at most.
      Gas station, coalbed gas extraction and conveying, shale gas pressurization, gas burning with air blowing, oxidation sweetening, and so on.
    1. Spare Parts

      With nearly 60 years of production experience, we have established a mature quality control system, and gained a great deal of production technologies. Our spare parts are definitely worth your 100% trust. So if you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time.

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