Screw Air Compressor

Our screw air compressor, as an important construction machinery parts, can be widely for the construction for the construction equipment in various industries like the construction projects of road, railway, building construction, water conservancy project, mining, shipbuilding, energy resource exploitation, and so on. Comparing with similar product, our screw air compressor is 15% more energy efficient. Each model can be added with frequency converting function.

The screw compressor comes in 5 types, including:
(1) LGCY portable diesel screw compressor (stationary type is available): working air pressure: 0.7-3.5MPa, air consumption: 6-39m3/min, diesel engine power: 58-515kW

(2) LGDY potable electric screw compressor: working air pressure: 0.7- 2.4MPa, air consumption: 3-40m3/min, electromotor power: 18.5-315kW

(3) LG stationary screw compressor: working air pressure: 0.7- 2.4MPa, air consumption: 0.8-72m3/min, electromotor power: 7.5-400kW

(4) MLGF potable anti-explosion electric screw air compressor: working air pressure: 0.7-1.25MPa, air consumption: 3.6-42m3/min, electromotor power: 22-250kW

(5) LGS stationary water-cooled electric screw compressor: working air pressure: 0.7-1.3MPa, air consumption: 4.8-66m3/min, electromotor power: 18.5-560kW

    1. Portable Diesel Screw Compressor

      We are also the only manufacturer who can produce the main structure of two-stage compression high pressure screw. The annual yield of this kind of screw air compressor is increasing year by year remarkably. Now our market share in China is at a significant leading position.

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    1. Portable Electric Screw CompressorThe quantity of components is quite small, and no quick-wear parts are used. Thus the portable electric screw compressor can work reliably, and the service life is quite long. It takes 40,000 to 80,000 hours to have an overhaul.
    1. Stationary Electric Screw Compressor

      KAISHAN is one of the leading suppliers of stationary electric screw compressor on the Chinese market. Our electric compressors have been widely recognized by our cutomers. The product advantages have been listed below. Feel free to contact us for any questions about our air compressor.

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