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Anchor Drilling Rig

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This KMD120 anchor drilling rig is a kind of electric crawler type self-guided driller. As a light duty, highly efficient, and multifunctional drilling machine, it can be used for the hole drilling in various projects like the construction of subway, high building, and airport, and the installation of ground source heat pump. This anchor drilling rig can use drill rod, drill rod combination and mud pump/clear water pump, or drill rod and casing pipe for various kinds of hole drilling.


Model KMD120
Waling speed 0~2.5 Km/h
Electromotor 45kW+15kW
Ground clearance 245mm
Foreleg cylinder stroke 1000mm
Hole depth 120m
Air pressure 1.05-2.46MPa
Air consumption 16-30m3/min
Drill rod diameter φ79mm, φ89mm
drill rod length 3000mm
Hole diameter φ105-190mm
Pitch diameter 0-93°
Propulsion oil cylinder stroke 1750mm
Rotating device speed 12/50/75/100rpm
Rotation torque 12/50/75/100N·m
Total weight 7000Kg
Overall dimension 5700×2300×2300mm

The KAISHAN brand LGCY-22/20 and LGCY-19.5/19 portable diesel screw compressor is recommended for our KMD120 anchor drilling rig.

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