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Multi-function Geothermal Water Well Drilling Rig (Truck Mounted Type Optional)

Our KW10 water well drilling rig is a light-duty, efficient, and multi-functional drilling machine. It is mainly used for drilling water well and some other kinds of holes in the earth. This deep hole drilling equipment can drill as deep as 120m holes in various kinds of stratums.

1. High torque rotating mechanism

A hydraulic motor driven straight tooth gear reducer from famous company is adopted for this water well drilling rig. It has a compact structure and can provide powerful rotating torque. Thus the drilling rod is less likely to be jammed, and enough toque reserve can be provided when drilling deep holes.

2. Oil pump components
A transfer case driven oil pump is adopted to provide a stable and reliable high pressure oil flow. The repairing of this water well drilling rig is also more convenient and cheaper.

3. Propulsion oil cylinder
A high pressure propulsion oil cylinder with big diameter is used for providing large lifting force (as high as 7 tons), guaranteeing the reliable drilling process.

4. Hydraulic leg
Four separately operated big-diameter hydraulic cylinders for legs have facilitated the drilling angle adjustment, as well as ensured the working stability of our water well drilling rig during the work.

5. Double cylinder for guide rail
There are two high pressure oil cylinders in the machine to enhance the stability of the rails.

6. Centralized control system
The centralized hydraulic system has been greatly optimized, ensuring the driller's stability and durability. The humanized design is also quite user-friendly.

7. Combined type positioning device
The combined type positioning device in this water well drilling rig can adjust the positioning plate according to the types of drill rod and drill hammer, ensuring the high precision of the drilling process.

8. Hoisting mechanism
A hoisting mechanism is available for the lifting and mounting of drill rod and drill hammer, thus less labor force is needed.


Model KW10
Hole diameter Ф115-180mm
Hole depth 120mm
Air consumption 20-35 m³/min
Working pressure 1.05-2.46 mPa
Ground clearance 245 mm
Support cylinder stroke 1000 mm
Propulsion cylinder stroke 1750 mm
Propulsion power 30000N
Lifting power 70000N
Speed of rotator Min. speed 50 rpm
Max. speed 100 rpm
Rotation torque 3200 N.m
Walking speed 0-2.5 km/h
Gradeability 25°
Engine (Yuchai brand)
Engine model YC4D80
Power 58kW/2400rpm
Matching Drilling components
Drill hammer DHD360
Rod diameter Φ76/Φ89 mm
Length of rod 3000 mm
Overall weight 6000 Kg
Overall dimension 6000×2300×2500 mm

Recommend below parts for KW10 Water Well Drilling Rig

Drill bit diameter φ115-180mm
Drill rod (Diameter×length) Φ76×3000mm /Φ89×3000mm
Drill hammer DHD360

Note: The KAISHAN brand LGCY-22/20 portable diesel screw compressor is recommended for our KW10 water well drilling rig when making holes with a diameter less than 165mm and the depth less than 120m.

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