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High Pressure Eco-friendly Crawler Drilling Rig

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The KH5 high pressure eco-friendly crawler drilling rig is designed on the basis of KY130 drilling rig. A dry type dust collector is added to the KY130 machine. In the dust collecting system, we adopt an imported hydraulic motor and the fan blades are optimized. Thus the system is highly efficient and stable. The prefiltering and fine filtering mechanism are made of eco-friendly and efficient filtering material. The filtering efficiency can reach 99%. The collected dust and powder can be expelled by the excellent automatic control system.

1. Powerful rotating devices

The new type rotating device of our crawler drilling rig consists of large torque cycloid hydraulic motor, planetary reducer, providing plenty of torque reserve. Thus the drill rod blocking risk is greatly reduced.

2. New type drill arm
After optimization, the jib lubbing mechanism and round drill arm are easy to be adjusted. The covered operation area is extended to a large degree, and the horizontal hole can be drilled at a low position.

3. Excellent propulsion mechanism
The propulsion mechanism of the crawler drilling rig comprises with hydraulic oil cylinder and moveable pulley, and can produce 20KN lifting force. The pressure regulating valve on the propulsion regulating valve can get proper propulsion force needed for different working environments.

4. Safe and stable walking mechanism
As a powerful borehole driller, this crawler drilling rig has low barycenter and big ground clearance, so it can easily pass bumpy roads. The wheels are driven by special motors, leading to high gradeability and low fault rate.

5. Advanced crawler leveling function and braking system
Advanced crawler leveling function and braking system can make the walking process very stable. The impact to the road is also greatly elevated. Besides, the crawler drilling rig can walk more stably.

6. Powerful diesel engine
As a professional borehole drilling solution provider, we choose the YC4108 type four-cylinder diesel engine for the KH5 crawler drilling rig as the power supplier. The engine has high environmental adaptability. It can provide great power for the rig. So there is no need for extra air compressor for freely walking and changing position.


Model KH5 drilling rig
Rock hardness F = 6-20
Hole diameter Ф105-140mm
Economical drill depth 25m
Pressure 1.0-2.4Mpa
Air consumption ≥15m³/min
Rotating speed 0-70r/min
Rotation torque 2000N.m
Lifting capacity 20000N
Propulsion type Hydro-Cylinder-Chain
Propulsion length 3000mm
Propulsion speed 530mm/s
Drill rod specification Φ76×3000mm/Φ89×3000mm
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 320mm
Walking speed 0-2km/h
Drill arm rising angles Down 25°, up 45°, total 70°
Drill arm swing angle Left 45°, right 45°, total 90°
Carriage swing angle Left 50°, right 50°, total 100°
Carriage pitch angle 180°
Max. frame floating angle ±10°
Carriage compensation 1200mm
Diesel engine YC4108 (58kW, 2400r/min)
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 5400×2330×2020 mm
Total weight 6500kg
Note Pneumatic-hydraulic driving mechanism, dry type dust collector, and speed reducer are available.

Recommend parts for KH5 high pressure eco-friendly crawler drilling rig
Drill bit: Φ115
Drill hammer: HD45A
Drill rod: Φ76×3000mm

Recommended air compressor for KH5 high pressure eco-friendly crawler drilling rig
KAISHAN brand LGCY-18/17 Portable diesel screw compressor KAISHAN brand LGCY-19.5/19 Portable diesel screw compressor

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