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Rock Drilling Rig for Tunneling

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The ZD338 rock drilling rig for tunneling is an advanced heavy tunneling equipment for tunnel excavation. It comes with three heavy duty hydraulic drill arms. Two arms can rise to 2 meters high, and the third one can drill holes downward with connected drill rods. A hydraulic carriage is available, and the operational area is quite large. This excavation equipment has a high degree of mechanization. It can be used for the traffic tunnel with a cross section area of 20-100 square meters, as well as the metal mine excavation, underground cavity digging, and so on.

1. Three sets of high performance DZYG38B heavy duty hydraulic rock drill are adopted, bringing the rock drilling rig a lot of advantages including high drilling speed, low energy level, low noise, and high efficiency.
2. The automatic control system can effectively reduce the overbreak and underbreak phenomenon, and greatly enhance the drilling efficiency.
3. The heavy duty hydraulic drill arms and high strength aluminium alloy propeller come with automatic parallel lifting mechanism and drill arm overall lifting mechanisms, giving the ZD338 rock drilling rig several important features like accurate positioning performance, easy operation, large and complete operational area.
4. The self-walking chassis has big power, so the drill rig has great tractive ability and excellent road adaptability. The closed type walking hydraulic system can achieve stepless speed changing, hydraulic direction turning, great driving experience, and flexible operation.

(ZD338 rock drilling rig for tunneling)

Total weight 32 ton Width 3.2m
Total length (in transportation) 14.3m Min. height 3.8m
Hydraulic rock drill
DZYG38B 3 sets Weight 150kg
Impacting frequency 40-60Hz Max. drill rod speed 300r/min
Max. drill rod torque 500N.m Hole diameter 45-102mm
Hydraulic drill arm
AB741 3 sets Stretching length 1600mm
Max. lifting height (arms at two sides) 2000mm
Hydraulic propeller
AT1541 3 sets Propulsion length 5525mm
Compensation length 1600mm
Hydraulic carriage
AF321 1 set Stretching length 4000mm
Loading capacity 500kg
Motor VOLVO TAD721-V1 Power 195kW
Max. walking speed 15km/h Gradeability 14°
Turning radius 9.4m/12.6m
Hydraulic power station
Electromotor power 3×45kW Max. pressure 250bar
Air compressor
Power 5.5kW Working air pressure 4-6.5bar
Power supply 380V/50Hz

DZYG38B Hydraulic rock drill

Weight 150Kg
Impact device pressure 15-21.5MPa
Max. rotating pressure 10MPa
Max. torque 0-750N·m
Impacting frequency 40-60Hz
Rotating speed 0-300r/min
Installed power 45kW
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