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Rock Drilling Rig for Tunneling

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The ZD132 rock drilling rig for tunneling comes with a DZYG32 hydraulic rock drill which is developed by ourselves. This small size rock drilling machine can conduct the drilling operation closely next to the wall and ceiling. The angle between the machine and the wall is only about two degree. Thus the overbreak of the tunnel can be reduced to an extremely low level, and the wall and ceiling could be very smooth. The working productivity can be greatly enhanced.

This kind of rock drilling rig is suitable for the tunnel excavation and anchoring in various industries like metal mining and hydroelectric station construction. Besides, a diesel motor coupled with four-wheel drive design and radial type chassis turning mechanism are adopted. The energy consumption level of this rock drilling rig is quite low and the turning radius is very small. So this tunnel construction machine is suitable for the tunnels with small sectional area.

Product parameter

Overall performance Hydraulic rock drill Hydraulic drill arm
Weight 11 ton Model DZYG32 Model BH1
Length (in transportation) 10500mm Weight 112kg Stretching length 1250mm
Width (in transportation) 2050mm Impacting frequency 40-60Hz Angle of elevation 50°
Height (in transportation) 2310mm Drill rod torque 200N.m Angle of depression 30°
Swing angle Left 45°, right 45°
Carriage Hydraulic Propeller
Model CT10D Model AT1531 Angle of elevation 30°
Engine DEUTZ F4L912 Propulsion length 3660mm Angle of depression 50°
Power 46kW Stretching length 1200mm Swing angle Left 45°, right 45°
Walking speed 12Km/h
Hydraulic power Air compressor
Power 37kW Power 4kW
Max. pressure 25MPa Working pressure 0.3-0.5MPa
Power supply 380V/50Hz Power supply 380V/50Hz
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