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Rock Drilling Rig for Open Pit Mining

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our ZL138E rock drilling rig for open pit mining is mainly used for the open pit mine production, hydroelectric station construction, and rock excavation in quarry and some construction projects.

1. The carriage can rotate to any directions. Thus the effective working area is extended to a great degree. The machine's walking times can be reduced greatly, and the working efficiency is accordingly enhanced.
2. The ZL138E rock drilling rig comes with a reliable DZYG38B hydraulic rock drill which has high impacting power, high drilling efficiency and low energy consumption.
3. Our computer-controlled communication system of this of surface mining machine is quite user-friendly. The machine's status including working status, hydraulic system status, and air compressor system status can be monitored on the display. Besides you can also set the working parameters and alarming threshold, as well as find the fault. Thus the reparation becomes much simpler.
4. In our ZL138E rock drilling rig, both a manual and automatic drill rod changing devices are available, by which the operator's labor intensity can be lowered and the working productivity can be enhanced.

(ZL138E rock drilling rig for open pit mining)

Hole hardness F = 4-20
Hole diameter φ64-φ102mm
Economical drilling depth (automatic drill rod connecting) 22m
Walking speed 2.OKm/h
Gradeability 20°
Ground clearance 440
Power 112kW
Diesel engine Cummins 6BTA5.9 112KW
Screw compressor displacement 5m³/min
Screw compressor rated working air pressure 10bar
Out dimension (L×W×H) 6300×2400×3400 mm
Carriage pitch angle +90° -5°
Carriage swing angle Right 35°, left 35°
Carriage lateral leveling swinging angle Left 90°, right12°
Drill arm swing angle Right 45°, left 10°
Propulsion length each time 4000 mm
Drill rod φ38×3660, φ45×3660
Dust collecting type Dry type
Rod connecting method Mechanical type

(DZYG38B hydraulic rock drill)

Weight 150Kg
Max. drill hammer pressure 15-21.5Mpa
Max. rotation pressure 10Mpa
Max. torque 0-750N·m
Impacting frequency 40-60Hz
Rotating speed 0-300 r/min
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