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Rock Drilling Rig for Open Pit Mining

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our ZL138A rock drilling rig for open pit mining is equipped with screw air compressing system, hydraulic impacting system, dry type air collecting system. It is suitable for the rock drilling operations in various construction projects and mining industries, like the construction of hydroelectric station, railway, road, and the open-pit mining and works in quarry. As an excellent piece of open pit mining equipment, it can drill blastholes and anchor rod holes with a diameter of 64-102mm.

1. The DZYG38B hydraulic rock drill in the ZL138A rock drilling rig is developed by ourselves, and has excellent drilling performance.
2. The drilling efficiency is about 1-1.5 times higher than similar pneumatic drill rig.
3. Our machine has a great energy-saving property, saving you about one third to two thirds energy in comparison to similar pneumatic drill rig.


(ZL138A type rock drilling rig for open pit mining)

Hole diameter 64-102 mm
Economical drilling depth 18m
Walking depth 2 Km/h
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 430 mm
Power 112 kW
Diesel engine Cummins 6BTA5.9-C150
Air consumption 5 m³/min
Rated output pressure 7bar
Out dimension (L×W×H) 8000×2260×2800 mm
Weight 9000 Kg
Carriage rise angle Up 28°, down 42°
Carriage pitch angle 129°
Carriage swing angle Right 38°, left 35°
Carriage lateral leveling swinging angle Right 4°, left 89°
Drill arm swing angle Right 39°, left 60°
Carriage leveling angle Up 10°, down 9°
Propulsion length each time 3050mm
Carriage compensation 900
Hydraulic rock drill DZYG38B
Drill rod T45×3050mm
Dust collecting type Dry type (hydraulic drive whirlwind layer streaming)

( DZYG38B hydraulic rock drill)

Weight 150Kg
Max. drill hammer pressure 15-21.5 MPa
Max. rotation pressure 10MPa
Max. torque 0-750 N·m
Impacting frequency 40-60 Hz
Rotating speed 0-300 r/min
Installed power 45kW
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