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High Pressure Integrated Drilling Rig

The KT8 high pressure integrated drilling rig, for small and mid-sized open-pit mining, quarrying and infrastructure construction projects, is highly efficient using energy-saving advanced drilling techniques. It incorporates the advantages of the KT7 drilling rig with a new design concept and the following features:
1. An overall layout that is easy to maintain and maneuver.
2. 6CTA8.3-260 Cummins diesel engine replaces the Yuchai YC6A260Z-20 engine for a larger displacement and torque and more power in harsh working environments.
3. A hydraulic independent multi-pump system that cancels the diverter valve and provides stability.
4. Equipped with a 13/17 single-stage high-pressure screw air compression system.
5. A rocker-link drill boom system increases the lifting boom angle of the open-air rig to meet various working conditions, especially for deep holes. The carriage laterally arranged gives the operator good vision.
6. Cylinder-plate chain consisting of a two-speed propulsion system and dual two-speed rotary motor to meet the requirements of different applications.
7. A low center of gravity and balanced distribution, with heavy four wheels, a mechanical/hydraulic dual brake torque travel motor and frame with ± 10 ° automatic leveling device for safe and stable movement.
8. The integrated open-air crawler drilling rig is equipped with an efficient two-stage dry dust collection system, keeping the working environment cleaner and saving energy.


Model No. KT8
Rock Hardness f=6-20
Hole Diameter 90-115 mm
Economic Drill Depth 30 m
Walking Speed 0-2.5 km/h
Grade Ability 25°
Ground Clearance 430 mm
Diesel Motor Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260- Ⅱ
Machine Power 194KW/2200r/min
Screw Compressor Air Delivery 13m3/min
Exhaust Pressure 17bar
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 8000x2300x3000(mm)
Weight 9600kg
Rotating Speed 0-60 r/min,0-120 r/min
Rotation Torque 1900N·m
Biggest Push Pull 25000N
Drill Arm Lifting Angle Up 54° down 26°
Carriage Pitch Angle 147°
Carriage Swing Angle Right 47° left 47°
Carriage Lateral Level Swinging Angle Right 19°~97°
Drill Arm Swing Angle Right 53° left 53°
The Leveling Angle Frame Up 10° down 9°
Push Length (mm) 3000 mm
Compensation Length (mm) 900 mm
Drill Hammer HD35 or HD45
Drill Pipe φ64×3000 mm
Dust Catching Mode Dry type (hydraulically driven whirlwind layer streaming)

KT8 Compared with KT7

KT8 KT7 Notes
Diesel Engine Cummins 6CTA8.3-260 YuChai YC6A260Z-20 Large displacement and torque
Carriage Lining plate reinforced carriage, wearing plate, double rotary motor Channel steel carriage, single rotary motor Enhanced rigidity, and durability
Drill Boom Rocker-link drill boom system / Increased lifting boom angle
Hydraulic System Independent multi-pump system Double pump + splite-flow valve Enhanced stability

Recommended Spare Parts for KT8

Drill Bit Dia. 90mm -100mm 100mm -105mm 105mm -115mm
Drill Pipe Dia. *L Φ64 x3000mm Φ64/Φ76x3000mm Φ64/Φ76x3000mm
Drill Hammer 90/930 930/HD35 HD35 /HD45

Detailed Pictures

  • Dust Collector
  • Displayer
  • Gyrator
  • Crawler
  • Air Cleaner
  • Operations Area
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