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High Pressure Integrated Drilling Rig

Our KT7 high pressure integrated drilling rig is a DTH drilling machine that combines borehole drilling system and screw air compressing system. The two systems are driven by a six-cylinder diesel engine. The whole machine has a compact structure and is easy to move. A high air pressure screw rod designed with our intellectual property is mounted on the machine. The special structure of our high pressure integrated drilling rig leads to large flow volume (13m³/min) and high air pressure (1.7MPa), providing high air pressure for the drill hammer. Thus the rocking drilling speed is 20%-50% faster than that of medium air pressure drilling machine.

Our KT7 high pressure integrated drilling rig is mainly used for the rock excavation and open-pit mining operation. Welcome to contact us if you need this crawler rotary drill.


Rock hardness F=6-20
Hole diameter Ф90-105mm
Economical drill depth 30m
Walking speed 0-2.5r/min
Working air pressure 1.0-2.4Mpa
Screw compressor displacement 13m³/min
Rated output pressure 17bar
Rotating speed 0-120r/min
Rotation torque 1900N·m
Max. propulsion force 25000N
Propulsion length 3000mm
Drill rod size Φ64×3000mm
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 430mm
Carriage rising angle Down 42°, up 28°, total 70°
Carriage pitch angle 129°
Carriage swing angle Left 35°, right 38°, total 73°
Carriage lateral level swinging angle Right 4°~89°
Frame leveling angle Up 10°, down 9°
Drill arm swing angle Left 60°, right 36°, total 96°
Carriage compensation 900mm
Diesel engine YC6A (180KW)
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 8000×2260×2800mm
Total weight 9500kg
Dust collecting type Dry type (hydraulic driven whirlwind layer streaming method)

Recommended parts for KT7 high pressure integrated drilling rig
Drill bit: Φ105
Drill hammer: KQG35A or HD45S
Drill rod: Φ64×3000mm

Pictures of product details

  • Single-stage compression
    high pressure screw
    compressor (The first one
    of its kind in China)
  • Flexible drilling arm
  • Safe and stable walking

  • Centralized Operating System
  • Advanced dust collecting
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