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Low Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

Product Features
The KG915(D) series of low pressure crawler drilling rigs features a luffing tilt mechanism and a double-pivot swing angle for drilling horizontal holes drill in water conservancy projects, open air mining, and building excavation. With a frame that can tilt 45°, the operator can clearly observe the unloading rod’s operation. Our drill rig comes with an elevator so the drill is easy to access and maneuver. Make each job less labor intensive with this open-air DTH drilling car.


Model KG915 KG915D
Rock Hardness F=6-20
Diameter of Hole (mm) Φ80-105mm
Drilling Depth (m) 25m
Working Air Pressure 0.7-1.4MPa
Air Consumption 9-13 m3/min
Rotation Speed 0-120 r/min
Rotation Torque 980 N.m
Lift Power 17KN
Propulsion Type Hydro-Cylinder-Chain
Propulsion Length 2000mm
Walking Speed 0-2.0 km/h
Grade Ability 30°
Ground Clearance 290mm
Weight 3900kg
Dimension 4600*2120*1800mm
Pitch Angle of Carriage Down 145° Up55° Total 185°
Swing Angle of Carriage Left 100° Right 45° Total 145°
Pitch Angle of Drill Arm Down 50° Up 25° Total 75°
Carriage Compensation Length 900mm
Diesel Engine /Electric Motor YC2108 (33KW/ 2200r/min) 22KW (1460r/min)
Drill Rod Φ60*2000mm

Detailed Pictures

  • Crawler
  • Gyrator

Recommended Spare Parts for KG915

Drill Bit Dia. 90mm
Drill Rod Dia. *L Φ60x2000mm
Drill Hammer 90

Below are the model diesel mobile screw / piston air compressors we recommend
Model LGCY-10/10 Diesel mobile screw air compressor Model LGCY-12/10 Diesel mobile screw air compressor Model CVFY-13/7 Diesel mobile piston air compressor


  • 1) Diesel Mobile Screw Air Compressor
  • 2) Diesel Mobile Piston Air Compressor

1) Diesel Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Model No. LGCY-10/10 LGCY-12/10
Capacity 10m3/min (353cfm) 12m3/min (424cfm)
Working pressure 10Bar/145Psi 10Bar/145Psi
The head model no. SKY148MM SKY148LM
Air compressor oil capacity 25L 35L
Compression stage Single Single
Noise level db (a) 80±3 80±3
Outlet connection size *Qty G1 ½×1&G¾×1 G1 ½×1&G¾×1
Engine Cummins Yuchai
Engine Model No Cummins 4BTA3.9-C125 YC6B150Z-K20
Cylinder bore stroke number of cylinders 102*120*4 108*125*6
Delivery capacity 3.9 L 6.871 L
Rated RPM 1800r/min 1800r/min
Unloading RPM 1400r/min 1400r/min
Rated power 93KW/125HP 110KW/150HP
Diesel engine oil capacity 9L 15L
Fuel tank capacity 130L 130L
Electrical system voltage 24V 24V
Wheel size *Qty 6.5-16×2 6.5-16×2
Weight 1900 KGS 2380 KGS
Dimension (L*W*H mm) 3900*1920*1900 3970*1940*2350

2) Diesel Mobile Piston Air Compressor

Model No CVFY-13/7
Exhaust Volume (m3/min) 13
Exhaust Pressure (MPa) 0.7
Cylinder (Dia*Qty) 260*2/160*2
Diesel Engine/Motor YUCHAI YC6108ZG,108KW; CUMMINS 6BT5.9-C118
Volume of Gas Storage Tank (L) 350
Dimension (L*W*H) CM 350*170*210
Weight (kg) 3100
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