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Medium Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The KG920B medium pressure crawler drilling rig is another new version updated on the basis of KY125 series machine. As a powerful construction machine, its pneumatic system, hydraulic system, drill arm components, walking parts are all optimized and upgraded. The YC4D80 type diesel engine (58KW, 2400r/min) was used to replace the original type. Thus the machine now can walk up a slope of 30°, and the rotating speed is also greatly enhanced. The drilling angle becomes more reasonable.

In the form below, you can see the advantage of our KG920A medium pressure crawler drilling rig over the KY125 crawler drill. If you are interested in it, just contact us at any time.

Advantages of KG920B over KY125

KG920B KY125 Advantage
Walking parts Motor and reducer Ball piston motor(direct connecting) Less pressure and longer service life for the motor
Walking pressure 11Mpa 14-16Mpa
Drill arm New type drill arm Drilling horizontal and vertical holes at the same time; low height of the horizontal hole
Pneumatic systems Live type impacting air valve Ball valve Easier control
Rotation speed 83r/min (diesel engine 1700r/min)
107r/min (diesel engine 2200r/min)
55r/min 50% higher rotation speed
Hydraulic system 30 pump, large new type valve group, new type flow divider, new type connector 19.2 pump Higher flow, lower resistance, and better appearance
Feeding speed 450mm/s 336mm/s 40% higher


Rock hardness F=6-20
Hole diameter Ф80-105mm
Economical drill depth 25m
Pressure 1.0-1.7Mpa
Air consumption 9-16m³/min
Rotating speed 0-107r/min
Rotation torque 1400N.m
Lifting capacity 15000N
Propulsion type Hydro-cylinder-chain
Propulsion length 3000mm
Drill rod Φ64/Φ76×3000mm
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 290mm
Walking speed 0-1.8km/h
Carriage rising angle Down 135°, up 5°, total 140°
Carriage swing angle Left 100°, right 45°, total 145°
Drill arm pitch angle Down 50°, up 25°, total 75°
Drill arm swing angle Left 44°, right 45°, total 89°
Carriage compensation 900mm
Diesel Engine YC4D80 (58KW, 2400r/min)
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 4400×2200×2050mm
Total weight 4200kg

Recommend spare parts for KG920B medium pressure crawler drilling rig

Drill bit diameter 90mm 105mm 115mm
Drill rod (Diameter×L) Φ64x3000mm Φ64x3000mm Φ76x3000mm
Drill hammer CW930 HD45S HD45A

Recommended air compressor for KG920B medium pressure crawler drilling rig
KAISHAN brand LGCY-13/13 Portable diesel screw compressor KAISHAN brand LGCY-15/13 Portable diesel screw compressor KAISHAN brand CVFY-13/17 Portable diesel screw compressor

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