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Low Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The KG910E low pressure crawler drilling rig adopts both electromotor and diesel engine for the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic system. The electromotor and diesel engine should be used separately. When you use it as an electric drilling machine, the machine's working noise is lower, and the other advantages include good eco-friendliness, high safety level, and low using cost. As a set of premium hybrid electric construction euiqpment, however, if there is no extra power supply, it can be shifted to diesel engine driving mode for long distance drive.

1. Walking mechanism

A ball piston motor and planetary reducer system is adopted for our low pressure crawler drilling rig to achieve higher gradeability, lower walking system pressure (from 15Mpa to 11Mpa), and longer motor service life.

2. Hydraulic system
A large displacement gear oil pump is adopted for higher rotation speed (Max. speed = 120r/min). Besides, fast rotation and lift group valve, and new type flow divider are also used.

3. Gyrator
We choose the low speed and high-torque generator motor to replace the original ball piston motor to achieve longer motor service life. The air inflow pedestal and the gyrator's housing of the low pressure crawler drilling rig are separated to prevent the compressed air from entering the oil tank through gyrator's housing and motor.

4. Motor
Main motor: electromotor (Y180L-4 type, 22kW, 1470rpm)
Backup motor: diesel engine (CFZS1125GM type, 18.4kW, 2200rpm)


Rock hardness F = 6-20
Hole diameter Ф80-105mm
Economical drill depth 25m
Pressure 0.7-1.0Mpa
Air consumption 9-13m³/min
Rotating speed 0-120r/min
Rotation torque 983N.m
Lifting capacity 17000N
Propulsion type Hydro-cylinder-chain
Propulsion length 3000mm
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 254mm
Walking speed 0-2.5km/h
Carriage rising angle Down 118.5°, up 23.5, total 142
Carriage swing angle Left 36.5°, right 11.5°, total 48°
Carriage compensation 900mm
Drill rod Φ60×2000mm
Power mode Electric(22KW) Diesel(18.4KW)
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 4100×2100×2100mm
Total weight 3300kg

Recommend spare parts for KG910E

Drill bit diameter 90mm
Drill rod (Diameter×L) Φ60×2000mm
Drill hammer 90

Recommended air compressor for KG910E
LGCY-10/10 Portable diesel screw compressor LGCY-12/10 Portable diesel screw compressor CVFY-13/7 Portable diesel screw compressor

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