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KG910B/D/E, KGH3

Low Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

The KG910B/D/E, KGH3 low pressure crawler drilling rig is the modified version of our KY100J type drilling equipment. A variety of improvements have been made to get better drilling performance. First of all, this product is an ideal borehole drilling machine with very great structure and working performance. The updated parts include hydraulic system, walking parts and gyrator.

KG910B: The power of the YC2108 (33KW, 2200r/min) is stronger, and the rotation speed and propulsion speed are both faster. Besides, this kind of motor has better stability and longer service life.

Advantages of KG910B over KY100(D)

KG910B KY100 Advantage
Power YC2108 YC2100
Walking parts Motor and reducer Ball piston motor (direct connecting) Less pressure and longer service life for the motor
Walking pressure 11Mpa 14-16Mpa
Rotation motor Cycloid motor Steel ball motor Longer service life
Rotation speed 105r/min (diesel engine 1700r/min) 120r/min (diesel engine 2200r/min) 70r/min (diesel engine 1700r/min) 50% higher rotating speed
Hydraulic system 25 pumps, fast rotation and lift group valve, new type flow divider 16 pumps Increased flow
Feeding speed 390mm/s 280mm/s 40% higher feeding speed

KG910E: The KG910E low pressure crawler drilling rig adopts both electric motor and diesel engine for the hydraulic pump of hydraulic system. The electric motor and diesel engine should be used separately. When you use it as an electric drilling machine, the machine’s working noise is lower, and the other advantages include good eco-friendliness, high safely level, and low using cost. As a set of premium hybrid electric construction equipment, however, if there is no extra power supply, it can be shifted to diesel engine driving mode for long distance drive.

KGH3: A dry type dust collecting device and speed reducer are added. The dust collecting device consists of a prefiltering device and a fine filtering device. The eco-friendly, high-performance filtering material leads to high purification efficiency (99%).


Model KG910B KG910D KG910E KGH3
Rock hardness F=6-20
Hole diameter Ф80-105mm
Economic drill depth 25m
Pressure 0.7-1.0Mpa
Air consumption 9-13m3/min
Rotating speed 0-120r/min
Rotation torque 980N.m
Lifting capacity 15000N 17000N 15000N
Propulsion type Hydro-Cylinder-Chain
Propulsion length 2000mm 3000mm 2000mm
Grade ability 30°
Ground clearance 254mm
Walking speed 0-2.0km/h 0-2.5km/h 0-2.0km/h
Carriage rising angle (°) Blow 118.5, elevation 23.5, total 142
Carriage swing angle (°) Left 36.5, right 11.5, total 48
Drill arm rising angle (°) 35°~ 60°
Carriage compensation 900mm
Engine YC2108 Electric motor Electric/Diesel YC2108
Power 33KW 2200r/min 22KW 22KW/ 18.5KW 33KW 2200r/min
Drill rod Φ60*2000mm
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 4100×2030×2020 (mm) 4100×2100×2100 (mm) 4400×2200×2050 (mm)
Total weight 4000kg 3300kg
Note: KGH3 is advanced type of KG910B/D/E, KGH3 which is equipped with dust collector.

Recommend spare parts for KG910B / KG910E

KG910B KG910E
Drill bit diameter 90mm
Drill rod (Diameter × L) Φ60x2000mm
Drill hammer 90

Recommend parts for the KGH3 crawler drilling rig
Drill bit: Φ90
Drill hammer: QCW930
Drill rod: Φ60 x 2000mm

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