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Screw Expansion Power Generation Device

As an efficient waste heat recovery solution, our screw expansion power generation device comes in two types, including ORC type and steam type. Different power generators can be driven by different kinds of heat sources. More featrures and detailed parameters are detailed below. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Wide heat source range

Our screw expansion power generation device can work on various kinds of heat sources including superheated steam, saturated steam, mixture of water and steam, hot water, and many other hot fluids. Thus the waste heat can be utilized to a great degree.

2. Stable performance
The screw expansion power generation device can still work stably when the heat load and other parameters fluctuate drastically (10%-120%).

3. Low maintenance
This machine can work for 10 years with limited overhauls. The installation, moving, small scale maintenance and daily operations are quite simple and convenient. No disturbance will be produced onto the original system.

4. Asynchronous generator
An asynchronous generator is adopted for our screw expansion power generation device, so the electricity can be delivered to the factories trough the company's power grid. No negative influence will be produced onto the original power supply quality. If any emergencies occurred to the power machine, the safety protection device of generator system will be activated and disconnect with the power grid, ensuring the safety of the power grid and power generator.

The suitable heat sources for different generators have been detailed if the form below.

Model Usable heat source
ORC type Low pressure steam Hot water
Steam type High pressure steam Hot water, water steam, hot smoke (transfer heat to conduction oil or steam), other hot fluid

Requirements for the heat source
1. Hot water (higher than 80℃)
2. Hot fluid like oil and chemicals (higher than 80℃)
3. Saturated steam
4. Low pressure steam
5. Smoke
6. High pressure steam


Model Steam temperature (℃) Steam consumption (ton/h) Rated net generation (kW)
KE90-95V-1-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 1.3 69
KE185-95V-1-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 2.6 138
KE450-95V-1-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 6.5 350
KE900-95V-1-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 13 700
KE132-110V-1-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 1.8 109
KE280-110V-1-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 3.6 218
KE600-110V-1-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 8.3 508
KE1200-110V-1-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 16.5 1016
KE90-95V-2-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 1.3 62
KE185-95V-2-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 2.6 124
KE450-95V-2-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 6.5 316
KE900-95V-2-50 100℃ (saturated steam) 13 633
KE132-110V-2-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 1.8 100
KE280-110V-2-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 3.6 200
KE600-110V-2-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 8.3 466
KE1200-110V-2-50 115℃ (saturated steam) 16.5 933
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