KY Series

Borehole Drilling Rig

Our KY series borehole drilling rig is an economical drilling solution. As a piece of advanced drilling equipment, it is constructed on the basis of foreign technologies. Various special designs have made this self-propelled drilling machinery suitable for surface mine. It can be used for the construction of railway, road, hydroelectric power station, building, as well as in the quarry and surface mine.

Equipped with our KAISHAN brand air compressor and DTH hammer, the KAISAHN brand borehole drilling rig can drill blastholes (such as pre-splitting blasting hole) and anchor cable holes in horizontal, vertical and inclined directions. The rock hardness should be in a proper range (F = 6-20). The hole diameter could be from 80mm to 140mm, while the economical drilling depth is from 12m to 25m.

    1. KY100(D) Low Pressure Crawler Drilling RigThe engine comes with a three level filtering device which consists of air inflow adjuster, desert air filter, and fuel filter. Thus the low pressure crawler drilling rig has strong adaptability to bad working environments. The engine's service life is also enhanced.
    1. KY120 Medium Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

      The movable drill arm can adjust the drilling angle and hole's height by controlling the stretching length of the oil cylinder. Thus the medium pressure crawler drilling rig can drill holes in a wider range with better drilling performance.

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    1. KY125(D) Medium Pressure Crawler Drilling RigOur KY125(D) medium pressure crawler drilling rig is a piece of mature open-pit mining equipment. It has powerful propulsion and rotating mechanisms and a centralized operation control system. The detailed information is described below.
    1. KY130/KH5 High Pressure Crawler Drilling RigOur KY130/KH5 high pressure crawler drilling rig comes with powerful driving system and improved drill arm. The drilling performance is quite desirable.
      The specially designed jib lubbing mechanism and drill arm have more reasonable structures and are easy to be adjusted.