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Low Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

Our KY100(D) low pressure crawler drilling rig, as an excellent rock drilling machine, has been specially designed. Its reliable and powerful components give the drilling crawler great drilling performance.

1. Powerful and reliable motor
A double cylinder diesel engine is used. It features high power output and great gradeability. The engine comes with a three level filtering device which consists of air inflow adjuster, desert air filter, and fuel filter. Thus the low pressure crawler drilling rig has strong adaptability to bad working environments. The engine's service life is also enhanced.

2. Flexible drill arm
The active drill boom can adjust the drilling angle and hole's height by controlling the stretching length of the oil cylinder. Thus the drilling ability and range are both extended.

3. Reliable hydraulic pump assembly
Two gear pumps are adopted for the oil supplying, making the low pressure crawler drilling rig much safer. The gear transmission and flexible coupling mechanism is used, so the structure is more compact, while the operation is more stable.

4. Reliable hydraulic system
An extra oil cooling device is installed to eliminate the oil's thermal influence to the system.


Model KY100(D) Low pressure crawler drilling rig
Rock hardness F = 6-20
Hole diameter Ф 80-105mm
Economical drilling depth 20m
Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption ≥ 10m³ /min
Rotating speed 0-65r/min
Lifting capacity 15000N
Drill rod specification Φ 60 × 2000mm
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance 254mm
Walking speed 2km/h
Drill arm rising angles Down 35°, Up 60°, Total 95°
Drill arm swing angle /
Carriage swing angle Left 11.5°, Right 36.5°, Total 48°
Carriage pitch angle Down 118.5°, Up 23.5°, Total 142°
Carriage compensation 900mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 4100 × 2030 × 3100mm
Total weight 3200kg
Note Pneumatic-hydraulic driving mechanism

Recommended spare parts for KY100(D)

Drill bit diameter 90mm
Drill rod (Diameter×L) Φ 60×2000mm
Drill hammer 90mm

Recommended air compressor
LGCY-10/10 Portable diesel screw compressor LGCY-12/10 Portable diesel screw compressor

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